V16 Mains Booster Pump Controller Review

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Have you ever forgotten to turn off your tap filling your tank, or even worse, forgotten to turn it on in the first place so you have no pure water to use? It’s a nightmare that window cleaners live in every day of the year. Even when you stay on top of your water filtration, it is time-consuming and a nuisance to constantly have to keep an eye on your timer or water level.

The V16 system controller is Spring’s solution to filling up a static ro system where you have mains power available and you want to always have pure water on tap. We’ve been using it for years and here is our review to help you decide if you should buy the V16 system controller.

Here we are reviewing the controller available from Blade Right. It costs between £320 – £350 depending on the model you choose.

V16 System Controller

Value for money


A fantastic upgrade to make your water filtration system effortless to use and maintain, this embodies the adage work smarter not harder. The V16 system controller is reliable and effective and once you have installed it you can forget about it while it carries on working for you in the background.



We have given this 3 stars for installation, not because it is too difficult for most people, but because it can be scary to cut into your tank to install a float switch!

Make sure you understand how the solenoid valves work and it shouldn’t be too complicated. If you go for the option with the auto flush (which we highly recommend) there will be some extra solenoid valves to install.

Electrical installation is straightforward because it plugs directly into the mains, and your booster pump can plug directly into the controller.

The solenoid valves are all John Guest fittings, so they are really simple to connect and disconnect as needed. Below is Spring’s video on how to install the controller and how it works:

It is a good idea to mount everything on a board like Squeaky Clean Dave has done in the video below (for the previous generation V11 version of the same controller). This will make it simple to change things around, especially as many people will install this in a cramped space.

Value for money

At £350 + vat this isn’t a cheap addition to your set-up, especially since it doesn’t do anything that you cannot do for free.

We would not put this in our essentials list, however, if you have the cash to upgrade your system it will definitely make your life easier.

There is an option to get a version that has a flush cycle built-in. This is programmable but generally, it will flush the ro membrane for 5 minutes at the start of every fill, and then it will flush once for 40 seconds every hour after that. It does that by opening up the bypass solenoid valve. When this closes it will return to the optimum pressure that you have set.

In reality, there are probably few of us that flush our ro membranes as much as we should, therefore something that does this automatically is useful and will save money by prolonging the life of the expensive membrane.


The V16 system controller is a great addition to a static ro setup. You will not flood the area by overfilling your tank. You will also always have a tank full of pure water.

This effortlessness is what makes it a delight to use. You can fill up your van in the morning, and when you get home at night your tank is completely full and ready to go again without you having to do anything.

Having a constant supply of pure water ready to dispense may also open up to you the possibility of selling water to other window cleaners in your area, providing another income source.


These controllers are built by Spring Europe Ltd, which have a reputation for great build quality.

We have been using this for years and never had an issue with it.

There is no maintenance required, so it is a true fit and forget accessory.

In addition, the V16 System Controller is sealed to IP65, stopping water ingress. This is a really important safety feature for something that is working around water all day every day, and something that is often dangerously overlooked on DIY systems.

Final thoughts

We love the V16 System Controller.

It will be a great addition to an established window cleaner that is looking to make their life a bit easier so they can focus on making money cleaning windows instead of filtering water and maintaining a filtration system.

We recommend getting the V16 System Controller from Blade Right. They have always been great with us for giving trustworthy advice on water filtration, along with great customer service.

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