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Hex 22′ Anti Spin Water Fed Pole from Xline Systems

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We started with the round pole, then there was the oval, and now we have the Hex Anti-Spin pole from Xline Systems. The Hex is the latest in the ever-increasing range of anti-spin water-fed poles. It is only available from Xline systems who are based in Ilkeston. Xline systems rate the pole between their full carbon Evolution Pro Pole and their Super Hi-Mod Nano Pole.  

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The Hex pole is available at 22′ 27′ 35′ and Hi-Mod 45′, we got our hands on the 22′ for real-world testing.

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Xline Hex Anti-Spin Pole

The hex by Xline is a new anti-spin pole. It is high quality and lightweight carbon fibre that is great to use but slightly flexible if extended to its max. All in all a great pole to use!



Although not the stiffest pole there are a lot of great features that makes the Hex pole worth seriously considering.



The pole is called a Hex due to its unique shape, although it’s not a true hexagon. It does have 6 sides but three are flat and three are rounded. Even though the shape isn’t as exaggerated as the oval poles, it is an anti-spin pole. 

xline hex cross section shape 2


The weight of the Hex pole is just under 1200 grams which makes it one of the lightest standard carbon fibre poles that we have tested and only slightly heavier than some of the Hi-Mods. 

This makes it extremely light to use. 


Our deflection tests test how rigid a pole is by measuring how much it bends when extended and then a weight is hung from it. This measures the whippiness that is experienced when cleaning windows. The less it “deflects” or bends the better it will be to work with.

In our deflection test, the hex pole deflected by just 27mm with no weight suspended from it. 

It wasn’t until we hung a 2.5kg weight from the pole that we started to see a problem with a deflection of 255mm, which is one of the largest deflections in the poles we tested. 

We had the chance to use the pole while working. Although in test conditions it is one of the more flexible poles we have tested, it seemed to have the most flex only when at full extension. As it’s not used at full stretch much of the time it didn’t seem to be a problem for day-to-day work. 


The clamps are a completely new design from the Evolution and Nano poles. 

xline hex pole clamps 7

The clamps levers are mounted at the top of the pole while the Evolution and Nano clamps are mounted to the side. 

They are removed using an Allan key rather than being glued in place. 

There is a thumb screw to tighten the clamp for making small adjustments whilst working.

xline hex clamps 8

The lever isn’t reversible so is mounted for a right-handed user and can’t be spun around to be used by a left-hander.

The clamp only has to stop the pole from slipping up and down rather than from spinning so don’t have to be tightened as much and therefore extending the life of the pole by reducing wear. 

xline hex clamps 11

Gooseneck Insert

To make the gooseneck fit to the pole Xline has had to make a custom insert. this is shaped completely differently from any other insert as it has to be the same shape as the pole. 

xline alluminium pole tip 9

The insert is machined out of aluminium to a high standard. 

The gooseneck is screwed onto the insert using a Euro thread.


The pole was very comfortable in the hands. It felt more like a round pole than the oval ones I’m used to using.

I have found in the past that round poles make my hands ache. I think this is because I grip them tighter to stop them from spinning. I found that the Hex pole also stopped my hands from aching. Although it’s closer to round than oval poles there is enough of a shape to make it grippy in the hands. 

The 3K carbon weave with the matt finish also makes it extremely grippy and felt very comfortable. 

What we like

The hex pole is now one of my favourite poles to use. This is due to its anti-spin design and its low weight. If it were more rigid then it would feel like using a Hi-Mod pole. 

It is important to note that at time of writing it was just £361 + vat it is significantly cheaper than buying a hi-mod pole. This represents good value for money for a savvy investor. Check out the latest price here.

It felt extremely nice in the hands with good grip even without gloves on. 

What could be improved? 

We would like to see the use of Euro threads removed and replaced with some sort of quick lock that allows you to quickly change brushes and also holds them square to the gooseneck.

It would be good if the aluminium inserts that the gooseneck screws onto, were incorporated into the gooseneck.

xline hex gooseneck 5

We would also like Xline to produce their own swivel so that you didn’t have to mix it with a swivel from a third party. They make fantastic poles and brushes, but they need to improve the connection between the two.

We would like to see the hex pole available as a 22′ Hi-Mod version.

After using the pole for a week or so we noticed the end protector bung started to come loose. We think this was because the second to last section was pushing it out when it was fully closed. This was easily rectified by wrapping it with insulation tape. 

Who It would be good for?

This is a really nice pole to use due to its weight so would be an excellent pole to add to anyone’s arsenal. 

It is particularly good to use at the end of the day when feeling tired or if you need a light pole because of injury. 

Who else would it be good for?

Anyone who doesn’t need the stiffest pole on the market.

Anyone that wants a light pole who doesn’t want to pay Hi-Mod prices. 

Final Thoughts.

To design the perfect water-fed pole there are three things to consider.

  1. Weight
  2. Flexibility
  3. Cost

You will only ever get two of these three. Make a careful choice to suit your working style and budget.

  • To get the lightest pole you either lose flexibility or increase the cost.
  • To get the most rigid pole you either add weight or cost.
  • To get the cheapest pole you either add weight or lose rigidity.

We think Xline has made a very clever decision with the equation with this pole. They have kept the cost at a reasonable price and the weight low but this has affected the rigidity which only seems to affect it when fully extended. 

While using the pole this only seemed to cause a problem when it was at maximum extension and even then it was still very nice to use.

If you decide to go for the Hex Anti-spin pole you can buy it from Xline systems here. Remember to use the code TCG5 at the checkout to get 5% off everything in your basket.

Pole comparison table

Click on the header to sort the table

Name Length Tested Deflection (mm) Deflection with 2.5kg weight (mm) Weight (g) Closed length (mm) Sections Price (incl VAT) Reviewed by TCG
Boss Carbon 22 ft 35 152 1365 1510 5 £256.80
Boss Mod 22 ft 43 172 1000 1525 5 £490.80 Read
FaceLift Renegade 20 ft 80 258 1770 1650 4 £163.14
Gardiner CLX 18 ft* 47 225 1490 4 £156.00
Ova8 24T 22ft 22 ft 25 (v) 33 (h) 137 (v) 167 (h) 1350 1500 6 £415.20 Read
Ova8 30T 40 ft 14 (v) 31 (h) 144 (v) 195 (h) 2575 2110 7 £734.40
Ova8 HiMod 40T 22 ft 08 (v) 25 (h) 125 (v) 158 (h) 1175 1500 6 £628.80 Read
Unger nLite Carbon Composite 6m (19' 8") 30 (v) 85 (h) 210 (v) 285 (h) 1425 4 £262.80 Read
Xline Carbon Nano 25 ft 34 141 1180 1775 5 £598.80 Read
Xline Evolution Pro+ 25 ft 53 198 1685 1810 5 £330.00
Xline Evolution Pro 25 ft 67 249 1825 1810 5 £230.40
Xline Evolution 25 ft 126 376+ 1925 1810 5 £138.00
Xline Carbon nano 45 ft 2590 2085 8 £1,260.00
Xline Carbon Nano 55ft 3435 2177 10 £1,620.00
Facelift Phantom Full Carbon 22 ft 51 227 1545 5 £288.00
Facelift Phantom HiMod 22 ft 55 195 1545 5 £676.80

*We only had an 18 ft pole to test so the span was about 200mm shorter. The shorter the span, the less it should deflect.

These are some of the poles available on the market. If you purchase by following our links we may make a small commission

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