kiam cyclone 1700w gutter vacuum

Kiam Cyclone 1700w 37L Gutter Vacuum

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The 1700-watt Cyclone has small man syndrome. Although small it doesn’t seem to realise it, and wants to take on everything. 

It is the baby of Kiam Cyclone family with a single 1700Watt motor and a 37 litre polypropylene drum. 

Small gutter vacuums are unsurprisingly very popular because they are easy to fit in a small van or even a car, and can handle most residential jobs. For a lot of window cleaners offering gutter cleaning as an extra this is all they need and at a great price.

They are sold exclusively by Equip2Clean based in Liverpool. You can check out their full range on the Equip2Clean website here.

We thoroughly tested this handy little machine and this is what we found.


25 Litre Suck Test

We carried out three 25-litre water suck tests to make sure we had an accurate figure and found that it emptied the bucket in just over 6 seconds which was extremely fast. It is actually faster that its big brother with the 3600w triple motors!

With its 37-litre drum it held 25 litres of water easily, but as the inlet sits down into the drum it wouldn’t be able to take much more liquid without lifting the float valve. This wouldn’t be such a problem if you were sucking out dry debris but if it is very wet it would need emptying more often. 

Water Lift Test

(We will no longer be carrying out the water lift test on gutter vacuums due to inaccuracy caused by different setups for different vacuums.)

The Equip2Clean website claims that the 1700 Watt Cyclon has a 3048 mm H20 (120″) water lift and a 4500 LPM airflow.

Build Quality

We found the build quality to generally be very good with a sleek sturdy design.

It has a largely plastic construction, although the polypropylene used is very tough. It is not cheap, brittle plastic.

kiam cyclone 2

Its 1700-watt motor ran well making just 88.1 dB when measured a metre from the vac itself. 

We like the way that the top design matches the rest of the Cyclone family with its domed head and large moulded handle making it easy to grab hold of and move around. The single button is clear and works well. 

kiam cyclone 3

The clamps to fix the head to the drum are plastic and we have found this style of plastic clamps can be broken if it falls over.

The only thing that we thought really let it down was its plastic hose coupler and inlet.

kiam cyclone hose inlet

The hose would have benefitted from a better way of holding the vacuum end insert in as this could easily be detached

The vacuum only comes with a blue sponge filter. This could cause a problem in very dry weather as the sponge filter isn’t very good at stopping dust, which will clog your motors and reduce their life span. 

kiam cyclone filter


kiam cyclone frame

The Cyclone is sat upon a powder-coated frame measuring just 37cm x 37cm.

Below the frame are four 50mm casters, two of which are locking, helping hold the vac in position on sloping ground or while in the back of your van. These casters work well while on solid ground but on gravel or grass do tend to dig in being so small.

This isn’t a real problem as the vac is so light it’s easy to move around by just lifting it. 

kiam cyclone wheels

Who would this be good for

This vacuum would be good for anyone with a smaller van or even if you work from a car due to its compact size or if you had a larger van and you wanted to keep the vac with you at all times.

This vacuum would also suit someone who is planning on doing mainly two-storey domestic properties up to 9.75 metres high.

On a budget? Then this might be the vacuum for you!

It is a very capable machine that will do a fantastic job, but it hasn’t got some of the features that the more expensive machines have such as a choice of filter for wet and dry conditions, 72mm metal inlet and metal hose fittings. 

What we didn’t like

About the only thing that we didn’t like about this vacuum was the connection between the hose and the vacuum.

Although the connector fitted into the vacuum well it felt plasticky and wasn’t secure enough in the hose. The other problem is that the recess that enabled the hose to clip securely into the vacuum caused the diameter of the inlet to be reduced to 39.9mm which may cause more blockages. 

Where to get it from

You can only get it direct from Equip2Clean. Check it out here.


Motor:- 1700watt single motor

Tank Size:- 37litres

Weight: 10.13KG*

Wheels:- 50mm spinning casters with 2 lockable

Size:- 38.5cm x 38.5cm x 75cm (W x D x H)

Noise:- 88.1 dB

Hose size:- 5m of 51mm diameter hose

25litre suck test:- 6.35 seconds

Cost:- £469.00 inc VAT (correct at time of publishing)

*The Equip2Clean website claims that the Vacuum weighs just 12kg but we think this weight must include the hose as we weighed it at 10.13Kg so considerably lighter than stated.

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