unger nlite soft brush

Unger nLite Soft Brush

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Delicate surfaces such as leaded windows, smooth UPVC or cladding painted surfaces and vinyl signs


Deep recesses and chunky frames.

This is a great brush for cleaning a specific surface. If you clean lots of delicate and fairly flat surfaces, this is impressively powerful. We have teamed up with The Cleaning Warehouse to get you an extra 5% off lots of products including those from Unger when you use the code TCG5 at the checkout.


The Unger nLite soft brush has to be the strangest-looking brush that Unger produces with unusually short bristles. It’s so strange that it makes you wonder if it will actually work and even more so when you handle the brush and find out how soft the bristles actually are. 

The nLite soft brush has been designed by Unger for cleaning delicate surfaces. This may be painted surfaces. plastic cladding or old stained glass/leaded windows. 

The brush has all the usual features of the new nLite series of brushes. It’s available in a choice of 28cm and 41cm with a weight of 470g for the 28cm and 640g for the 41cm.

The 28cm brush has 2 pencil jets at the 41cm brush has 4 that are integrated into the main brush stock. Both brushes have an adjustable rinse bar stretching nearly the entire width of the brush to give an even flow of water right across the area you are cleaning. 

As with all nLite brushes, there is a built-in swivel on the brush itself rather than on the gooseneck. This swivel can be easily locked by sliding a collar forward and holding the brush at 90 degrees to the pole.

unger nlite swivel

The quick release function to remove the brush is easy to use by pressing 2 catches on the gooseneck. This also allows the brush to rotate on the gooseneck giving you 8 options on the position of the brush. 

The brush socket also includes an internal euro thread meaning that it can be used on any pole with a euro thread gooseneck, so it’s not just for the Unger poles. 

The brush stock also has a soft rubber bumper fitted to either end as standard. 

unger nlite brush end

Although Unger has improved the design of the bumper we recommend glueing these in place as they can become dislodged and are easy to lose. 

Where the Unger nLite brush is really different to most brushes are the bristles themselves. They are extremely short, measuring only 25mm/ 1” long and are super soft. What gives this brush its power is how densely packed they are. This makes the short bristles very stable.  

unger nlite soft brush short bristles

Using the Unger nLite brush in real life

We recently tried the Unger soft brush out on-site. We cleaned some soft flexible vinyl signs which are particularly prone to be covered with seagull poop. 

We were amazed at what easy work it made of removing the bird mess which had built up over some time. We also felt confident that the soft vinyl wouldn’t be damaged by the soft bristles. 

We were so impressed with the brush that we left it on the pole to clean the glass which did an amazing job, although wasn’t the best for the deep commercial frames because of the short bristles. 

Where to buy

Lots of places sell Unger products. We recommend going to The Cleaning Warehouse and using the code TCG5 at checkout to get an extra 5% off!

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