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Ova8 24T (Standard) Carbon Fibre Window Cleaning Pole Review

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The entry-level Ova8 is made from carbon fibre technically called 24T. We have tested and reviewed the 22ft to help you decide if it is the right pole for you. The Ova8 series of poles by Streamline Systems has an innovative shape that sets them apart from the competition, here is what we really think of them.

You can buy them in many places, but they are licenced for sale in the UK to Streamline Systems, and we recommend buying them directly from them. Click here to see the Ova8 poles available to buy from Streamline.

Ova8 24T Carbon Fibre Window Cleaning Pole from Streamline Systems



We really like the Ova824T carbon fibre pole. We think it is comfortable to use and solidly built. Though it is not the cheapest or the lightest pole, it is stiff and responsive and has a unique shape that we think is well worth a try, whether for yourself or for your staff.



Our deflection tests test out how rigid a pole is by testing how much it bends when extended and a weight is hung from it, to measure the whippiness that is experienced when cleaning windows. The less it “deflects” or bends the better it will be to work with.

The Ova8 24T pole does very well in these tests, with the unique shape helping to reduce the flex in the pole.

Without a weight applied to it across a 5.85m span, it sagged by just 25mm in the centre. When a 2.5kg weight is hung from the centre it is deflected by a respectable 137mm.

Even when tested horizontally when the shape would not help it as much, it performed almost as well with 33mm and 137mm respectively.

This is borne out in day to day use when it feels like a very stiff and rigid pole, even on full extension.


The Ova8 is just below mid-range for pole weight. It weighs 1350g and doesn’t feel too heavy in your hand.

It is a full carbon fibre pole, not a composite. If you are looking for a lighter pole, there is a HiMod version available called the Ova8 40T HiMod

img 2836


How comfortable a pole really comes down to personal preference, but the Ova8 is a unique pole due to its shape which many people find very comfortable.

As indicated by the name, the pole sections are oval-shaped, but with two flattened sides.

A huge advantage of this is that the pole sections cannot rotate like they can on a round pole. This reduces the stress on your elbows that can happen if you are trying to stop a pole from rotating on a window.

The clamps also don’t need to be done up as tight since they do not need to stop rotation, only the extension of the pole. As a result, the pole may wear less and last longer.

Many people find that this pole is more comfortable to hold than a round pole, and it can reduce pain or discomfort that some people experience from holding onto the pole for extended periods of time when working.

It has a good bung on the end that stops the pole hose from getting damaged or kinked. It is nice and solid and works well.


We really like the Ova8 clamps and they are easy and responsive to use.

The Ova8 clamps are bolted onto the pole sections. They are easily adjustable without any tools.

Even though by default the clamps are set up for a right-handed person, the levers can be removed and installed the other way around for a left-hander.

They have built-in small plastic shims that help it to tighten securely and hold in place.

The clamps feel very natural to use and are very responsive. Once opened they stay wide open without any feeling of drag on the pole, and it doesn’t feel like you are overtightening them when they close.

Final thoughts

To fit a univalve to it, the first section has been shortened by a few inches. Fitting a Univalve is relatively simple to do, but if you are unsure it is available to buy with a univalve pre-fitted.

It is available with a wide range of accessories and extensions, including a variety of angle adaptors, swivels, quick release brush stocks and roof scrapers.

Ova8 neck

This pole is available in 17, 22, 25 and 30-foot lengths, so you can choose the length you prefer.

We really like the Ova8 24T carbon fibre pole. We think it is comfortable to use and solidly built. Though it is not the cheapest or the lightest pole, it is solid and responsive and has a unique shape that we think is well worth a try, whether for yourself or for your staff.

If you are interested in buying one we recommend buying it directly from Streamline Systems. You can click here to check out their range of Ova8 poles.

You can also see A.E. Mackintosh using the pole in the video below:

Do you have an Ova8 window cleaning pole? Do you like it or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, along with any questions that you have. Also, check out our pole comparison table to see how the Ova8 24T carbon fibre pole compares to other water fed poles that we have tested.

Pole comparison table

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Name Length Tested Deflection (mm) Deflection with 2.5kg weight (mm) Weight (g) Closed length (mm) Sections Price (incl VAT) Reviewed by TCG
Boss Carbon 22 ft 35 152 1365 1510 5 £256.80
Boss Mod 22 ft 43 172 1000 1525 5 £490.80 Read
FaceLift Renegade 20 ft 80 258 1770 1650 4 £163.14
Gardiner CLX 18 ft* 47 225 1490 4 £156.00
Ova8 24T 22ft 22 ft 25 (v) 33 (h) 137 (v) 167 (h) 1350 1500 6 £415.20 Read
Ova8 30T 40 ft 14 (v) 31 (h) 144 (v) 195 (h) 2575 2110 7 £734.40
Ova8 HiMod 40T 22 ft 08 (v) 25 (h) 125 (v) 158 (h) 1175 1500 6 £628.80 Read
Unger nLite Carbon Composite 6m (19' 8") 30 (v) 85 (h) 210 (v) 285 (h) 1425 4 £262.80 Read
Xline Carbon Nano 25 ft 34 141 1180 1775 5 £598.80 Read
Xline Evolution Pro+ 25 ft 53 198 1685 1810 5 £330.00
Xline Evolution Pro 25 ft 67 249 1825 1810 5 £230.40
Xline Evolution 25 ft 126 376+ 1925 1810 5 £138.00
Xline Carbon nano 45 ft 2590 2085 8 £1,260.00
Xline Carbon Nano 55ft 3435 2177 10 £1,620.00
Facelift Phantom Full Carbon 22 ft 51 227 1545 5 £288.00
Facelift Phantom HiMod 22 ft 55 195 1545 5 £676.80

*We only had an 18 ft pole to test so the span was about 200mm shorter. The shorter the span, the less it should deflect.

These are some of the poles available on the market. If you purchase by following our links we may make a small commission

2 thoughts on “Ova8 24T (Standard) Carbon Fibre Window Cleaning Pole Review”

  1. actionwindowcleaning

    I love my ova8 poles. I have a 17 & 25. I found them a little heavy to start with. But took off the streamline brushes & swapped the gooseneck over to a Gardiner brush & gooseneck adapter & they are now my favourite poles. They have outlasted my SLX 18 & 22ft poles.
    They are now my go to everyday pole. Along with a lighter brush that is.

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