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Spring v11 3kw Immersion Heater Controller

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Are you looking for a hot water solution for window cleaning? Do you want to keep on working in winter? Could you do with a better way to do first cleans?

We’ve been there – hot water is the way forwards but a diesel heater is too expensive and propane is too dangerous. Have you ever considered using an immersion heater?

Spring ltd has brought the v11 immersion heater controller which brings some innovative and important safety features along with the ability to use a 3kw immersion element from a household extension cord!

Ready to buy?

These heater controllers are difficult to get hold of. The Cleaning Guide is selling a limited number of them directly. Please message us at if you are interested in purchasing one.

Follow along on the video below where Squeaky Clean Dave fits the v11 controller to his van.

Why use an immersion heater?

What are the advantages of an immersion heater? Just a few are:

  • Cheap to set up
  • Minimal service charge
  • Similar daily cost as diesel

Why use a spring v11 immersion controller

There are many reasons. You can read the full documentation on the spring website here. Our favourite points are:

Use a 3kw element. Spring has used incredible technology to allow you to safely use a 3kw heater from the mains power supply. This is very unusual as normally you would need a separate ring main for a 3kw immersion heater. This product is CE marked confirming it meets European standards.

Set the desired water temperature. There is a digital thermostat with a range from 15 to 70 degrees.

Low water safety feature. It is very dangerous if an immersion element is run dry. The element gets extremely hot and goes floppy. Then it can cause real damage to your tank. Spring has fitted a float switch that will only power the immersion if the water level is high enough.

Set how long you want it to run for. If you don’t want to run it all night, you can set the timer to run from 1-18 hours.

How much does it cost?

Setting up the immersion heater is under £750. A list of all the parts is below.

Running costs depend on how hot you want your water to get. We have found getting the temperature up to around 40 – 45 degrees works best. At the brush head it would be a similar temperature to the water from your hot water tap.

Generally speaking in a 500-litre tank a 3kw element will raise the temperature by approximately 3-5 degrees per hour. if you run a 3kw immersion element for 8 hours it would cost approximately £8.16. If you are on an economy 7 meter you can benefit from the cheaper nighttime rates.

What parts do I need to buy?

Below is the parts list from the installs we have done and where to buy them from (parts can change from time to time so it is always best to double check before buying):

Spring v11 immersion controllerEmail to purchase£480
3kw immersion element £23.00
12mm bulkhead connector £6.50
Fenox-lsx leak sealant £6.00
Tank insulation £23
Immersion heater cable £5
Holesaw (76mm worked well) £12
2 1/4″ flange£54

The total cost is approximately £609.50

In addition you will need various drill bits, spanners, screwdrivers and other tools.

Things to remember

Drilling 3 holes in your tank can be scarey! Measure twice, cut once. Take your time to get it in the right place.

We have tried many different flanges for immersion elements. Generally, we struggle to get one that is deep enough for the approximately 10mm thick Wyedale tank most window cleaners have.

We found the Essex long-body flange is perfect for this, however, you will need a very large spanner (approximately 86mm) to tighten it up enough. We couldn’t find one so cut the shape of the flange nut into a piece of plywood and used that to tighten it. It worked perfectly.

You should only take on this as a DIY project if you are capable. The v11 controller must be fitted by a competent electrician or electrical engineer or your warranty may be invalidated.

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