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Welcome to The Cleaning Guide

If you purchase a product we recommend after clicking on a link on our website the price you pay will not change but we may earn a small commission. This helps us keep on providing great content.

Months of planning has finally combined into the release of the ultimate resource for exterior property cleaners!

The Cleaning Guide will bring you all the latest news and reviews from the cleaning world, along with business advice and how-to guides to follow along to.

About Us

Brought together by the fusion of two brothers and pooling the experience of industry leaders and influencers, The Cleaning Guide offers a complete package.

Squeaky Clean Dave and his brother Sam are both experienced exterior cleaners. Dave has been cleaning for over 15 years and is well known for his YouTube channel where he has a keen following, known for honest and relatable reviews along with his “un-scientific experiments”. He runs Squeaky Clean Services in the Kidderminster area.

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Sam has been window cleaning on and off for over 10 years. He has also spent many years volunteering abroad, most recently for 4 years in Haiti. He still manages Clear Choice Kidderminster and now runs Clean It exterior cleaning in Cambridge. While volunteering abroad learned web development and set up Clear Choice Websites, specialising in websites for window cleaners.

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When we come together we bring a mix of industry knowledge and connections, along with technical knowledge and the ability to create an invaluable online resource for the cleaning industry.

How The Cleaning Guide will help you

Cleaning equipment is expensive, but buying the best kit offers serious returns.

Until now there has been no independent resource site. All the reviews that you can find on cleaning equipment are written by the suppliers trying to sell you their own kit! They are obviously only going to tell you the positives.

Beyond the suppliers, you may find on various forums or social media groups discussions about the best kit, but generally, this is only based on the one or two products that a person owns. This is very limited and cannot give a broad overview of many of the products available to the industry.

With our connections, we are able to personally try out a lot of the best equipment available today. We will share our reviews and recommendations with you, allowing you to make the best choices for your business and give you the best returns for your investment.

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What’s the catch

There is no catch.

For years Squeaky Clean Dave has been doing this for free on his YouTube channel. For example hundreds of fans have copied his immersion heater for £50 guide, made a DIY electric hose-reel, or watched his pole reviews.

The Cleaning Guide is run as a business, but there is no downside to the readers. We make deals with suppliers so that if someone purchases a product after clicking on a link on our site, we earn a small commission, but the buyer still pays the same price!

So basically you get help to buy the best product, and it doesn’t cost you any more money!

I’m a supplier/inventor. Will you review my product?

We would love to try out new products. Please message us at to discuss the possibility of us reviewing your product.

How can we support The Cleaning Guide

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We will try to answer any questions left in the comments, but there will also be suppliers active in the comments section that can give you helpful technical information.

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Enjoy your time here


Thanks for your support, and we really hope that we are creating something that will grow and be useful to established cleaners, and people that are just starting out.

Please send us requests, suggestions, support or anything else in the comments section below!

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