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Steel Mud Sucker for Pressure Washing Review

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We all remember that one corner of a job where whatever we tried we couldn’t get the mud to drain away. No matter how much we washed it with the lance, the mud would keep on flowing back. The steel mud sucker from Equip2Clean may be just the solution to this common problem, and at under £100 it won’t break the bank to add it to your tools!

You can check it out on their website by clicking here.

This article will follow along with Squeaky Clean Dave’s review of the mud sucker. If you don’t feel like reading you can watch the full review here:

How it works

It is basically a nozzle that fits on the end of your pressure washing lance, but instead of the water aiming down at the surface you are cleaning, it aims up into a hose and creates suction, removing the mud and whatever else is pooling from where you hold the nozzle.

It comes with 5m of 1 1/2 inch hose to send the mud far away from you, hopefully into a flower bed or somewhere that does drain properly.

pressure washer mud sucker test 2 37 screenshot jpg

The idea is simple, and it’s great because there are no moving parts to wear. The big question is, does it work?

Speed test

pressure washer mud sucker test 3 44 screenshot jpg

To start with we tested its ability to move water by filling a container with 25 litres of water.

When we put the mud sucker in and pulled the trigger we managed to empty the contents on the container in just 6.25 seconds!

That is a whopping 4 litres a second! That was quick.

Because the mud sucker doesn’t go down level with the ground there is a small amount of water left in the bottom of the container, but you can already start to see why this would be useful.

But, we hear you say, normally I don’t need to shift clean water. I need to move dirty sediment-filled mud. Does it still perform when doing that?

Mud test

To recreate a real-life situation we searched around to find some good materials to make some mud!

For our test we used:

  • Gutter vac sludge
  • One shovel of sand and gravel (20mm ballast)
  • 4 litres of water

We stirred it all up to make a big bucket of slime! Then we put the mud sucker through its paces.

pressure washer mud sucker test 5 39 screenshot`jpg

We noticed that it did get caught on the large pieces of gravel and needed some extra water added to it. Time to get the hosepipe in!

With a stirring action and keeping the mud nice and wet, the mud sucker managed to completely suck away all o the mud, leaving just a few of the larger stones behind, but they were left squeaky clean!

In a real-life application, it is unlikely that you would have 20mm pieces of gravel come off the patio you are cleaning. It does seem that large stones are the mud sucker’s downfall, but it is excellent at clearing away the mud.

We also noticed that the stones left behind were very clean and so would be easy to remove with a shovel.

Our thoughts

We were really impressed by the mud sucker, and it seems to be a great value piece of equipment.

pressure washer mud sucker test 8 44 screenshot jpg

It isn’t going to move mountains, but when you have an area that constantly pools mud we think that this is a brilliant piece of equipment that will save you lots of time and energy. For under £100 this can make a huge difference to your jobs and how easy the clean-up is. The 5m of hose will take the mud far away, and will do it quickly.

It may be worth buying another lance to use with it depending on the set-up that you use for pressure washing.

You can buy the mud sucker from Equip2Clean. They offer lots of great value pressure washing equipment so be sure to check out the rest of their range.

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