gvs roof scraper

GVS Roof Scraper

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Roof scraping can be a lucrative add-on to your cleaning business, and having the best kit can make a big difference. We have tested the GVS roof scrapers and can help you decide if it is the best for you.

GVS roof scrapers are available from the Gutter Vacuum Systems website. You can check out the latest prices and buy them here. They have built up a great name for themselves thanks to their amazing customer service and genuine helpfulness.

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GVS Roof Scrapers

Number of available blades and brushes
Simplicity to change blades


We rate the GVS scraper set really high. It is well built but the downside of that is the extra weight. They have the largest range of scrapers we have found and the blades fit really well.


Number of blades

GVS excel in the number of blades they offer, and their profiles generally fit the tiles very well because they have cut the templates personally in-house rather than copying someone else’s profiles.

At the time of writing, they have a whopping 25 blade profiles available to order and 4 different brushes.

We especially like the ridge and hip tile blades that are difficult to find in other places.

You can buy a starter set with 10 blades, a set with 18 blades, or individual extra blades as and when you need them.

gvs scraper


The GVS roof scrapers are made from 3mm thick stainless steel.

Using this thickness of metal makes the head and a Ludlow plus blade weigh in at 695 grams. This is currently the heaviest of any single scraper head that we have tested.

In some ways, the extra weight is help on the roof, and it helps to scrape the moss down. However, when reaching the ridge on full extension or using it for an entire day you do start to feel the weight.

gvs scraper build quality


These scrapers are really well made and feel solid to use.

The payoff to the extra weight in the 3mm stainless steel is that it will last for a lot longer. For many people that will use these as an add-on to their normal work, these will be scrapers to pass on to your kids.

The construction of the scraper head is really good, and all the parts are well manufactured and made of metal.

Whereas most of the competitions have plastic angle adaptors, GVS has gone for a metal quick-release mechanism that will take some beating and is really solid.

Simplicity to change blades

gvs quick release

GVS has been really clever with a toolless way to change the scraper blades.

They have a quick-release pin built into the side. You lift it up and the scraper blade is then free to slide out. In a matter of seconds, you can easily change the blade.

gvs change blade

We really like this system. It is easy to use, even with cold hands on the top of a scaffold, and because you are not removing any nuts, bolts or screws from it you cannot lose any pieces while changing the blade.

It holds that blade very securely, but not tightly. It is held in place rather than clamped in place. This means that the blade can shake very slightly. This doesn’t affect the performance but can make it feel slightly less stiff and rigid in your hand.

Other thoughts

The GVS scraper set is one of the more expensive options out there, but you do feel like you are buying quality that will last a long time. Their starter sets should get you going for most roofs.

If you don’t plan on doing much roof scraping but just want something for one job, they do a one-blade set. You can choose which blade to go with the head, and then you could always buy more blades individually as and when you need them.

They have a standard euro thread on the scraper head so it can attach to most poles.

We rate the GVS scraper set really high. It is well built but the downside of that is the extra weight. They have the largest range of scrapers we have found and the blades fit really well.

Check out our table below to see how it compares to other roof-scraper sets out there, and leave your experience/questions in the comments section below.

Roof scraper comparison table

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Make Number of available blades/brushes Weight in grams (head + ludlow plus) Standard blade material Connection Starter kit price (incl vat) Reviewed
GVS 29 695 3mm stainless steel Euro thread £258.00 - 10 Blades Read
Bladeright 9 (Custom profiles available to order) 95 4.5mm poly propylene Euro thread £102.00 - 9 Blades
Roof Scraper UK 10 485 2mm stainless steel Euro thread £194.99 - 10 Blades

There are more roof scrapers available to buy, this table is simply the roof scrapers that we have reviewed. We will earn a small commission if you buy by following our links to these products.

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